Molokai Solo 2013: Kamanu vs. Puakea Designs

Wow reading comments today on ocpaddler, about the Solo coming up, you can sense there are definitely some bad feelings about the Kamanu and John Puakea split, as well as former Kamanu team riders leaving and most of all, the new Oc1 “Ehukai” that John Puakea is coming out with. Someone, which seemed like a Kamanu affiliate wrote some damaging things implicating that John was stealing Kamanu’s design and 99% of his hull was in fact, the Pueo. Pretty strong statements that leads you to think that Kamanu is really worried about their 5-year reign on the Hawaii OC1 market and that they see Puakea Designs as a real threat. I been reading about how local monies stay in the local economy, no doubt pokes at the Ehukai which will be produced out of China. In my opinion, if you really want to help the local economy, help the local consumer who is currently paying $4500+ and make the canoes under $3k like the Oc1s of the past. I would love to see how much profit OC1 canoe companies have made in last years’ sales.

In communicating with Jimmy Austin, the Ehukai will be $4200. and you get the top of the line materials, so basically you get the strongest and lightest layup and save about $400. Thats money in the pocket for the direct consumer. I dont know about the Ehukai design but I like already the monies you could potentially be saving. Now only if its fast!

Jimmy stated today on ocpaddler that Danny Ching will be using the Ehukai in the Solo, a cut up plug, as John’s canoes will not be ready in time. If Danny can pull off a win or stay close to Pat Dolan or Manny, the canoe will make a statement, if he’s behind, he can blame the weight of the plug. In any case less pressure for the California paddler.


About oc1blogger

From Hawaii, not an elite paddler, not sponsored but loves to train, compete and do well. Has been paddling for over 20 years. My OC1s have been: Arrow, Thunder, Wave Blade, Hurricane, Polaris, Vantage, Scorpius and currently using the original Pueo. Looking to get a new OC1 that has the ease of catching bumps like the pueo but has more carry. Decided to start a blog to share information on the OC1s that I am testing before I spend $4500. plus on a new one. All reviews are my own personal opinions on how each OC1 felt to me after my testing. I am not affiliated with any OC1 company, just giving my honest thoughts on how the canoes felt on a given day of trying them out. Mahalo for reading! Aloha.
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9 Responses to Molokai Solo 2013: Kamanu vs. Puakea Designs

  1. SC says:

    Just read the same post and I can’t believe how DW is stuck to his opion; besides, JP is the sole designer of the Pueo and even if he took 10 of the design over, its still his design. Anyhow, please post when you get your hands on this Ehukai.

    • oc1blogger says:

      Im looking forward to trying the Ehukai when it gets to Hawaii. I will try and take it out in the flats and also on a smoking day to see how it runs for me. By Jimmy’s comments today it seems like after May a few will be available but Im thinking probably just for his team riders and other elite guys. Hopefully us common guys can get a chance. Im also wanting to try the new Pueo to see how it rides compared to the first generation. $4200 – $4600. is a lot of money, gotta make sure this next investment is the one. Aloha.

  2. Jimmy girl says:


  3. Remy says:

    FYI, JP is not the sole designer. Three other people had input on the design of the Pueo. This is splitting hairs but it’s the truth.

  4. Elision says:

    Any updates from todays race? Anyone live streaming?

  5. Chris says:

    What was Danny paddling?

    • oc1blogger says:

      Danny was paddling the Ehukai, John Puakea’s new OC1. Actually the bottom hull was the new shape and looked like the deck and ama were cut and used from a pueo (not confirmed). Jimmy Austin mentioned that the hull was pieced together to get Danny a canoe for him to use in the Solo, as the Ehukai is not in production yet. He also mentioned that the Ehukai should be in Hawaii by June.

  6. meesh says:

    You can’t deny the Pueo is very close design to the Kaku, Puakea’s design from before there was a Kamanu. Luke is an inspiring and authentic individual and I am sure they will be fine and recover their business, the Aukahi is actually an understated canoe, boat is unreal good and deserves more attention. But the success of Pueo is not just because of Keizos geometry skills and JP can take his designs and experience where he likes.

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