The Pueo Hull : Who’s Design is it Anyway?

Im seeing a lot of back and forth statements being made lately on the ownership of the OC1 Pueo design. Not so much about the deck or ama but the design of the hull. And now Im hearing some chatter about legal action that might be coming up in the near future by Kamanu. Im not sure if this is just talk, threats or if they are really trying to halt Puakea Designs from coming out with their new OC1.

So who’s design child does the Pueo hull come from? Where does that distinct slim and tall “V” hull concept come from? Was this concept used in the Kainalu or even before, in the Kaimana? I think one can also talk about rocker, and how much of it was used, and who influenced that part into the hull design, but thats going to be a harder aspect to claim I think because all OC1 shapers these days shape in a certain amount of rocker Into their designs.

It will be an interesting debate and if John Puakea first designed the slim/tall “V” into his earlier OC1s (Kaimana & Kainalu). That I think will say a lot about the design influence. But now, did John Puakea sell that property, those rights, when he sold his portion of Kamanu off? Now that’s an important question to ask.

In any-case all this debate and back and forth is really hyping up the Ehukai, I think more than the new Pueo now, and Im not sure if all this is good for Kamanu. In reading whats out there on the Internet, its making them look like they’re really threatened by Puakea Designs and responding in desperation. It might be a better move to just aloha their once friend and I would imagine mentor, and move forward. Team riders will come and go, and new ones will emerge, but friends and mentors are so more important to malama and support the paths they choose to take.



About oc1blogger

From Hawaii, not an elite paddler, not sponsored but loves to train, compete and do well. Has been paddling for over 20 years. My OC1s have been: Arrow, Thunder, Wave Blade, Hurricane, Polaris, Vantage, Scorpius and currently using the original Pueo. Looking to get a new OC1 that has the ease of catching bumps like the pueo but has more carry. Decided to start a blog to share information on the OC1s that I am testing before I spend $4500. plus on a new one. All reviews are my own personal opinions on how each OC1 felt to me after my testing. I am not affiliated with any OC1 company, just giving my honest thoughts on how the canoes felt on a given day of trying them out. Mahalo for reading! Aloha.
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